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TurboTides may be a newer player in the turbomachinery CAE software market, but its highly integrated system provides high efficiency. It is easy to use, yet has powerful tools for all types of turbomachinery design needs. For the centrifugal compressors we are working with, it includes sophisticated 1D models widely used in the industry. We can size our designs with great confidence based on predicted performance. Under the same UI, full 3D geometry can be developed and evaluated by their integrated CFD tool, including analysis with secondary flow passages and volutes. The same level of convenience is offered for the finite element analysis on the impeller as well.

One of the unique features of TurboTides is the design database backed with its powerful data reduction function. We can easily use CFD and test data to create, update and reuse components and designs to continuously improve our development. We are impressed by this product and would like to recommend it to benefit the whole turbomachinery community.

Shuo Li, Ph.D.

Bloom Energy

After using a particular pump design software package for a number of years I was looking for a more state of the art Design and CFD software package that offered features, and in particular Technical Support, that the existing software company does not offer. After seeing a demonstration and discussing our needs with TurboTides I elected to purchase Turbo Tides.

Turbo Tides is a customer centric oriented company that offers a design code that can handle all centrifugal pump designs, including very low Ns designs. The technical support that TurboTides provides is not just for the software but includes technical support in the event a customer has difficulties with a particular design. TurboTides essentially partners with their customers to ensure their success.

George J. Maddox, BSME, MBA, P.E.

Best PumpWorks

Woman testimonial from Porto Magazine company

Woman testimonial from Porto Magazine company

I have used other design software systems before, but TurboTides is far superior to those that I have encountered. First and foremost, it is very user friendly. The user interface is easy to navigate with seamless transitions from one mode to the next. TurboTides allows us the ability to design and analyze at the same time. I am able to see in real time the effect of any changes I have made to geometry and how it affects performance when analyzed.

TurboTides affords us the ability to compare performance data generated from TurboTides with actual test data. We can quickly determine how well our analysis compares with actual test data. This drastically reduces the development time necessary to produce a desired design outcome. It gives us the confidence to make the changes during the design and analysis phase in TurboTides, knowing that when completed an actual test will closely match the results from TurboTides.

TurboTides has an excellent technical support staff that will respond very quickly to answer any questions, resolve issues, or give guidance in the use of the software. In my opinion anyone that is serious about designing turbomachinery should give TurboTides a try. I think they will be pleasantly surprised.

Donovan Thompson, BSME

Yumac Products, LLC